About UTG

a Canadian brand that makes our own gear.

Our Values


Random gear handouts, custom fighter gear for fund raising and sponsoring or supporting local events. We are genuinely interested in the success of talented athletes as well as the entire community.

This is also why we will always keep our production local.


Keeping everything local means we avoid the negative environmental impact associated to manufacturing and shipping from overseas.

We carefully source our raw materials and actively seek out more sustainable materials to reduce our environmental impact even further.


To truly minimize our impact on the environment, our gear must last. Every year 13 million tons of textile waste is generated globally. This is often driven by a tendency to sell garments that lack durability.

Our fabrics are premium and breathable with the right amount of compression. We make sure there are no embarrassing see through moments because of bad print selection.

Our manufacturing is second to none. All of our compression gear is flat lock sewn for comfort and tacked for reinforcement.

Our gear lasts and we fully back it.