Under the Gi

We love being a part of building the Jiu-Jitsu community. We truly believe in the ability of this sport to bring people together. On a single mat space, individuals from all walks of life engage in an energy exchange that is difficult to capture anywhere else. The mats make us all equal by keeping us honest.

Our business is owned and operated by people who train. We understand that not all bodies are created equal which is the core driver behind our being one of the first brands to offer Men, Women and Youth patterns in compression gear.

We started out with a cardboard box at events filled with gear made for girls. This gear wasn’t for sale, it was given away as prizes to the female competitors who won their divisions and those who displayed the merits of what it truly means to be a respectful athlete.  

Made in Canada

Keeping our business local is of the highest importance to us as it allows us to support local job creation while maintaining a high standard in our products. Many brands produce their product overseas. We proudly keep all aspects of our production local.